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mention 'make {html,ps,pdf}'

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......@@ -31,6 +31,12 @@ Common commands:
Build just those libraries that are built by stage1 (omit the "1" to build
all libraries, but that will also update the stage2 compiler).
make html
make pdf
make ps
Make documentation
make install
Installs GHC, libraries and tools under $(prefix)
Builds everything in this directory (including dependencies elsewhere
in the tree, if necessary)
make fast
The same as 'make', but omits some phases and does not
recalculate dependencies. Useful for saving time if you are sure
the rest of the tree is up to date.
make clean
make distclean
make maintainer-clean
Clean just this directory
make html
make pdf
make ps
Make documentation in this directory (if any)
make <file>
Bring a particular file up to date, e.g. make dist/build/Module.o
The name <file> is relative to the current directory
Supports Markdown
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