Commit 325f2f37 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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Disable the mini-inliner when using the new codegen

The new sinker is at least as powerful, and the mini-inliner sometimes
even makes things worse.
parent 40b6598a
......@@ -855,7 +855,10 @@ cmmToCmm dflags (CmmProc info lbl (ListGraph blocks)) = runCmmOpt dflags $ do
| otherwise = cmmEliminateDeadBlocks blocks
-- The new codegen path has already eliminated unreachable blocks by now
blocks' <- mapM cmmBlockConFold (cmmMiniInline dflags reachable_blocks)
inlined_blocks | dopt Opt_TryNewCodeGen dflags = reachable_blocks
| otherwise = cmmMiniInline dflags reachable_blocks
blocks' <- mapM cmmBlockConFold inlined_blocks
return $ CmmProc info lbl (ListGraph blocks')
newtype CmmOptM a = CmmOptM (([CLabel], DynFlags) -> (# a, [CLabel] #))
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