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Improve fix to Trac #3007

This patch tides up Ian's fix a little. In particular, if if you
{-# SOURCE #-} import a module from a different package, you now 
get a much more civlised error message.
parent 0e3d5132
......@@ -191,21 +191,10 @@ loadInterface doc_str mod from
-- if an earlier import had a before we got to real imports. I think.
_ -> do {
let { hi_boot_file = if thisPackage dflags == modulePackageId mod
then case from of
ImportByUser usr_boot -> usr_boot
ImportBySystem -> sys_boot
else False
; mb_dep = lookupUFM (eps_is_boot eps) (moduleName mod)
; sys_boot = case mb_dep of
Just (_, is_boot) -> is_boot
Nothing -> False
-- The boot-ness of the requested interface,
} -- based on the dependencies in directly-imported modules
; read_result <- findAndReadIface doc_str mod hi_boot_file
; read_result <- case (wantHiBootFile dflags eps mod from) of
Failed err -> return (Failed err)
Succeeded hi_boot_file -> findAndReadIface doc_str mod hi_boot_file
; case read_result of {
Failed err -> do
{ let fake_iface = emptyModIface mod
......@@ -298,6 +287,38 @@ loadInterface doc_str mod from
; return (Succeeded final_iface)
wantHiBootFile :: DynFlags -> ExternalPackageState -> Module -> WhereFrom
-> MaybeErr Message IsBootInterface
-- Figure out whether we want Foo.hi or Foo.hi-boot
wantHiBootFile dflags eps mod from
= case from of
ImportByUser usr_boot
| usr_boot && not this_package
-> Failed (badSourceImport mod)
| otherwise -> Succeeded usr_boot
| not this_package -- If the module to be imported is not from this package
-> Succeeded False -- don't look it up in eps_is_boot, because that is keyed
-- on the ModuleName of *home-package* modules only.
-- We never import boot modules from other packages!
| otherwise
-> case lookupUFM (eps_is_boot eps) (moduleName mod) of
Just (_, is_boot) -> Succeeded is_boot
Nothing -> Succeeded False
-- The boot-ness of the requested interface,
-- based on the dependencies in directly-imported modules
this_package = thisPackage dflags == modulePackageId mod
badSourceImport :: Module -> SDoc
badSourceImport mod
= hang (ptext (sLit "You cannot {-# SOURCE #-} import a module from another package"))
2 (ptext (sLit "but") <+> quotes (ppr mod) <+> ptext (sLit "is from package")
<+> quotes (ppr (modulePackageId mod)))
Used to be used for the loadInterface sanity check on system imports. That has been removed, but I'm leaving this in pending
review of this decision by SPJ - MCB 10/2008
......@@ -309,6 +330,7 @@ badDepMsg mod
ptext (sLit "but is not listed in the dependencies of the interfaces directly imported by the module being compiled")])
-- Loading type/class/value decls
-- We pass the full Module name here, replete with
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