Commit 3340fe01 authored by thomie's avatar thomie

Build system: fix `make -j1` (#10973)

There are multiple hacks all over the build system to account for the
fact that the ghc package uses different build subdirectories
(stage1/stage2) than the other packages (dist/dist-install).

One such hack filtered on 'ghc%', with the intention of filtering the
ghc package only. After renaming bin-package-db to ghc-boot
(d2f9972a, Phab:D1313, #10796), ghc-boot
also got caught in the hack, which broke the build when running without

This patch replaces the before mentioned hack by a different one, such
that filtering on 'ghc%' is no longer necessary. See Note [inconsistent

Reviewed by: austin

Differential Revision:
parent 324e0ac6
......@@ -36,11 +36,15 @@ endif
# Note [inconsistent distdirs]
# hack: the DEPS_LIBS mechanism assumes that the distdirs for packages
# that depend on each other are the same, but that is not the case for
# ghc where we use stage1/stage2 rather than dist/dist-install.
# Really we should use a consistent scheme for distdirs, but in the
# meantime we work around it by defining ghc-<ver>_dist-install_way_LIB:
# A similar hack is applied to the PROGRAM_DEP_LIB mechanism in
# rules/
ifeq "$$($1_PACKAGE) $2" "ghc stage2"
$$($1_$2_COMPONENT_ID)_dist-install_$3_LIB = $$($1_$2_$3_LIB)
......@@ -135,6 +135,14 @@ $$(foreach way,$$($1_$2_WAYS),$$(eval \
$1_$2_PROGRAM_DEP_LIB = $$($1_$2_v_LIB) $$($1_$2_dyn_LIB)
# See Note [inconsistent distdirs] in rules/
ifeq "$$($1_PACKAGE) $2" "ghc stage1"
$$($1_$2_COMPONENT_ID)_dist-boot_PROGRAM_DEP_LIB = $$($1_$2_PROGRAM_DEP_LIB)
ifeq "$$($1_PACKAGE) $2" "ghc stage2"
$$($1_$2_COMPONENT_ID)_dist-install_PROGRAM_DEP_LIB = $$($1_$2_PROGRAM_DEP_LIB)
# C and S files are possibly built the "dyn" way.
ifeq "$$(BuildSharedLibs)" "YES"
$(call c-objs,$1,$2,dyn)
......@@ -190,12 +190,7 @@ ifneq "$$(BINDIST)" "YES"
# necessarily set when this part of the makefile is read
$1/$2/build/tmp/$$($1_$2_PROG) $1/$2/build/tmp/$$($1_$2_PROG).dll : \
$$(foreach dep,$$($1_$2_DEP_COMPONENT_IDS),\
$$(if $$(filter ghc%,$$(dep)),\
$(if $(filter 0,$3),$$(compiler_stage1_PROGRAM_DEP_LIB),\
$(if $(filter 1,$3),$$(compiler_stage2_PROGRAM_DEP_LIB),\
$(if $(filter 2,$3),$$(compiler_stage2_PROGRAM_DEP_LIB),\
$$(error Bad build stage)))),\
$$$$($$(dep)_dist-$(if $(filter 0,$3),boot,install)_PROGRAM_DEP_LIB)))
$$$$($$(dep)_dist-$(if $(filter 0,$3),boot,install)_PROGRAM_DEP_LIB))
$1_$2_PROG_INPLACE = $$($1_$2_PROG)
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