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[project @ 2002-06-28 14:06:52 by simonpj]

	Fix the CAF info field of error Ids

A bizarre bug.   In MkId, we build the Id for various error-y
Ids (like pAT_ERROR_ID) that we grab out of thin air in various
places (like the desugarer).  They were marked as not referring
to any CAFs, but this was a lie!  In fact, they refer to 'untangle'
(see GHC.Err) and thence to a CAF.

Result: GC crash under very obscure circumstances.  (Rob's optimistic
evaluator tickled it.)

Solution: give them more conservative IdInfo.

Two other better solutions to think about:

* Don't grab them out of thin air; instead get them from
  an interface file.

* Treat them as always-live (requires mod to garbage collector)
  so they don't need to be mentioned in SRTs at all
parent 9e9367d6
......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ module IdInfo (
GlobalIdDetails(..), notGlobalId, -- Not abstract
IdInfo, -- Abstract
vanillaIdInfo, noCafIdInfo,
vanillaIdInfo, noCafIdInfo, hasCafIdInfo,
seqIdInfo, megaSeqIdInfo,
-- Zapping
......@@ -396,10 +396,11 @@ vanillaIdInfo
newStrictnessInfo = Nothing
noCafIdInfo = vanillaIdInfo `setCgInfo` CgInfo NoCafRefs
hasCafIdInfo = vanillaIdInfo `setCgInfo` CgInfo MayHaveCafRefs
noCafIdInfo = vanillaIdInfo `setCgInfo` CgInfo NoCafRefs
-- Used for built-in type Ids in MkId.
-- Many built-in things have fixed types, so we shouldn't
-- run around generalising them
-- These must have a valid CgInfo set, so you can't
-- use vanillaIdInfo!
......@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@ import Id ( idType, mkGlobalId, mkVanillaGlobal, mkSysLocal,
mkTemplateLocals, mkTemplateLocalsNum,
mkTemplateLocal, idNewStrictness, idName
import IdInfo ( IdInfo, noCafIdInfo,
import IdInfo ( IdInfo, noCafIdInfo, hasCafIdInfo,
setArityInfo, setSpecInfo, setCafInfo,
......@@ -483,7 +483,7 @@ mkRecordSelId tycon field_label
default_alt | no_default = []
| otherwise = [(DEFAULT, [], error_expr)]
-- the default branch may have CAF refs, because it calls recSelError etc.
-- The default branch may have CAF refs, because it calls recSelError etc.
caf_info | no_default = NoCafRefs
| otherwise = MayHaveCafRefs
......@@ -985,9 +985,18 @@ pcMiscPrelId key mod str ty info
pc_bottoming_Id key mod name ty
= pcMiscPrelId key mod name ty bottoming_info
bottoming_info = hasCafIdInfo `setAllStrictnessInfo` Just strict_sig
-- Do *not* mark them as NoCafRefs, because they can indeed have
-- CAF refs. For example, pAT_ERROR_ID calls GHC.Err.untangle,
-- which has some CAFs
-- In due course we may arrange that these error-y things are
-- regarded by the GC as permanently live, in which case we
-- can give them NoCaf info. As it is, any function that calls
-- any pc_bottoming_Id will itself have CafRefs, which bloats
-- SRTs.
strict_sig = mkStrictSig (mkTopDmdType [evalDmd] BotRes)
bottoming_info = noCafIdInfo `setAllStrictnessInfo` Just strict_sig
-- these "bottom" out, no matter what their arguments
-- These "bottom" out, no matter what their arguments
(openAlphaTyVar:openBetaTyVar:_) = openAlphaTyVars
openAlphaTy = mkTyVarTy openAlphaTyVar
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