Commit 34cd3a8a authored by sof's avatar sof
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[project @ 1998-10-21 11:46:23 by sof]

Check if tc type substitutions clone correctly
parent 8e718936
-- !! check if tc type substitutions really do
-- !! clone (or if not, work around it by cloning
-- !! all binders in first pass of the simplifier).
module ShouldCompile where
f,g :: Eq a => (a,b)
f = g
g = f
ghc: module version changed to 1; reason: no old .hi file
ShouldCompile f g;
1 f _:_ _forall_ [a b] {PrelBase.Eq a} => (a, b) ;;
1 g _:_ _forall_ [a b] {PrelBase.Eq a} => (a, b) ;;
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