Commit 3539561b authored by Sylvain Henry's avatar Sylvain Henry Committed by Krzysztof Gogolewski

Fix Git commit ID detection in Git worktrees

Summary: When using a Git worktree, ".git" is a file, not a directory

Reviewers: bgamari, monoidal

Reviewed By: monoidal

Subscribers: rwbarton, thomie, erikd, carter

Differential Revision:
parent 754c3a55
......@@ -1546,7 +1546,7 @@ if test "$RELEASE" = "NO"; then
AC_MSG_CHECKING([for GHC Git commit id])
if test -d .git; then
if test -e .git; then
git_commit_id=`git rev-parse HEAD`
if test -n "$git_commit_id" 2>&1 >/dev/null; then true; else
AC_MSG_ERROR([failed to detect revision: check that git is in your path])
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