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[project @ 2000-10-23 12:26:39 by simonpj]

Put early-exit code in Rename.lhs
parent 05446f0f
......@@ -933,3 +933,139 @@ dupFixityDecl rdr_name loc1 loc2
ptext SLIT("at ") <+> ppr loc1,
ptext SLIT("and") <+> ppr loc2]
checkEarlyExit mod_name
= traceRn (text "Considering whether compilation is required...") `thenRn_`
-- Read the old interface file, if any, for the module being compiled
findAndReadIface doc_str mod_name False {- Not hi-boot -} `thenRn` \ maybe_iface ->
case maybe_iface of
Left err -> -- Old interface file not found, so we'd better bail out
traceRn (vcat [ptext SLIT("No old interface file for") <+> ppr mod_name,
err]) `thenRn_`
returnRn (outOfDate, Nothing)
Right iface
| panic "checkEarlyExit: ???: not opt_SourceUnchanged"
-> -- Source code changed
traceRn (nest 4 (text "source file changed or recompilation check turned off")) `thenRn_`
returnRn (False, Just iface)
| otherwise
-> -- Source code unchanged and no errors yet... carry on
checkModUsage (pi_usages iface) `thenRn` \ up_to_date ->
returnRn (up_to_date, Just iface)
-- Only look in current directory, with suffix .hi
doc_str = sep [ptext SLIT("need usage info from"), ppr mod_name]
%* *
\subsection{Checking usage information}
%* *
upToDate = True
outOfDate = False
checkModUsage :: [ImportVersion OccName] -> RnMG Bool
-- Given the usage information extracted from the old
-- M.hi file for the module being compiled, figure out
-- whether M needs to be recompiled.
checkModUsage [] = returnRn upToDate -- Yes! Everything is up to date!
checkModUsage ((mod_name, _, _, NothingAtAll) : rest)
-- If CurrentModule.hi contains
-- import Foo :: ;
-- then that simply records that Foo lies below CurrentModule in the
-- hierarchy, but CurrentModule doesn't depend in any way on Foo.
-- In this case we don't even want to open Foo's interface.
= traceRn (ptext SLIT("Nothing used from:") <+> ppr mod_name) `thenRn_`
checkModUsage rest -- This one's ok, so check the rest
checkModUsage ((mod_name, _, _, whats_imported) : rest)
= tryLoadInterface doc_str mod_name ImportBySystem `thenRn` \ (ifaces, maybe_err) ->
case maybe_err of {
Just err -> out_of_date (sep [ptext SLIT("Can't find version number for module"),
ppr mod_name]) ;
-- Couldn't find or parse a module mentioned in the
-- old interface file. Don't complain -- it might just be that
-- the current module doesn't need that import and it's been deleted
Nothing ->
(_, new_mod_vers, new_fix_vers, new_rule_vers, _, _)
= case lookupFM (iImpModInfo ifaces) mod_name of
Just (_, _, Just stuff) -> stuff
old_mod_vers = case whats_imported of
Everything v -> v
Specifically v _ _ _ -> v
-- NothingAtAll case dealt with by previous eqn for checkModUsage
-- If the module version hasn't changed, just move on
if new_mod_vers == old_mod_vers then
traceRn (sep [ptext SLIT("Module version unchanged:"), ppr mod_name])
`thenRn_` checkModUsage rest
traceRn (sep [ptext SLIT("Module version has changed:"), ppr mod_name])
-- Module version changed, so check entities inside
-- If the usage info wants to say "I imported everything from this module"
-- it does so by making whats_imported equal to Everything
-- In that case, we must recompile
case whats_imported of { -- NothingAtAll dealt with earlier
Everything _
-> out_of_date (ptext SLIT("...and I needed the whole module")) ;
Specifically _ old_fix_vers old_rule_vers old_local_vers ->
if old_fix_vers /= new_fix_vers then
out_of_date (ptext SLIT("Fixities changed"))
else if old_rule_vers /= new_rule_vers then
out_of_date (ptext SLIT("Rules changed"))
-- Non-empty usage list, so check item by item
checkEntityUsage mod_name (iDecls ifaces) old_local_vers `thenRn` \ up_to_date ->
if up_to_date then
traceRn (ptext SLIT("...but the bits I use haven't.")) `thenRn_`
checkModUsage rest -- This one's ok, so check the rest
returnRn outOfDate -- This one failed, so just bail out now
doc_str = sep [ptext SLIT("need version info for"), ppr mod_name]
checkEntityUsage mod decls []
= returnRn upToDate -- Yes! All up to date!
checkEntityUsage mod decls ((occ_name,old_vers) : rest)
= newGlobalName mod occ_name `thenRn` \ name ->
case lookupNameEnv decls name of
Nothing -> -- We used it before, but it ain't there now
out_of_date (sep [ptext SLIT("No longer exported:"), ppr name])
Just (new_vers,_,_,_) -- It's there, but is it up to date?
| new_vers == old_vers
-- Up to date, so check the rest
-> checkEntityUsage mod decls rest
| otherwise
-- Out of date, so bale out
-> out_of_date (sep [ptext SLIT("Out of date:"), ppr name])
out_of_date msg = traceRn msg `thenRn_` returnRn outOfDate
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