Commit 36d394f3 authored by rrt's avatar rrt
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[project @ 2001-07-12 12:59:48 by rrt]

Fix spacing
parent ce6b5c20
......@@ -124,7 +124,7 @@ tcCheckFIType sig_ty arg_tys res_ty (CImport (CCallSpec target _ safety))
| otherwise -- Normal foreign import
= checkCg (if isCasmTarget target
then checkC else checkCOrAsmOrDotNet) `thenNF_Tc_`
then checkC else checkCOrAsmOrDotNet) `thenNF_Tc_`
checkCTarget target `thenNF_Tc_`
getDOptsTc `thenNF_Tc` \ dflags ->
checkForeignArgs (isFFIArgumentTy dflags safety) arg_tys `thenNF_Tc_`
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