Commit 371b4d98 authored by ross's avatar ross
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[project @ 2003-05-01 10:46:19 by ross]

Make -t option to the script override the template file, just as -c
overrides the compiler, as the the documentation implies.  (Formerly -t
added an extra template file, which is not so useful.)
parent a1590fcf
for arg do
case "$arg" in
-c*) HSC2HS_EXTRA=;;
--cc=*) HSC2HS_EXTRA=;;
-t*) tflag=;;
--template=*) tflag=;;
--) break;;
$HSC2HS_BINDIR/$HS_PROG -t $HSC2HS_DIR/template-hsc.h $HSC2HS_EXTRA "$@"
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