Commit 392834a3 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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Sort the mi_deps into a canonical ordering before fingerprinting.

This may help do a little less recompilation with make (GHC's --make
is unaffected).
parent ab060043
......@@ -562,6 +562,13 @@ addFingerprints hsc_env mb_old_fingerprint iface0 new_decls
snd (lookupOccEnv local_env (getOccName name)
`orElse` pprPanic "urk! lookup local fingerprint"
(ppr name)) -- (undefined,fingerprint0))
-- This panic indicates that we got the dependency
-- analysis wrong, because we needed a fingerprint for
-- an entity that wasn't in the environment. To debug
-- it, turn the panic into a trace, uncomment the
-- pprTraces below, run the compile again, and inspect
-- the output and the generated .hi file with
-- --show-iface.
put_ bh hash
......@@ -609,15 +616,19 @@ addFingerprints hsc_env mb_old_fingerprint iface0 new_decls
(local_env, decls_w_hashes) <-
foldM fingerprint_group (emptyOccEnv, []) groups
-- when calculating fingerprints, we always need to use canonical
-- ordering for lists of things. In particular, the mi_deps has various
-- lists of modules and suchlike, so put these all in canonical order:
let sorted_deps = sortDependencies (mi_deps iface0)
-- the export hash of a module depends on the orphan hashes of the
-- orphan modules below us in the dependeny tree. This is the way
-- that changes in orphans get propagated all the way up the
-- dependency tree. We only care about orphan modules in the current
-- package, because changes to orphans outside this package will be
-- tracked by the usage on the ABI hash of package modules that we import.
let orph_mods = sortBy (compare `on` (moduleNameFS.moduleName))
. filter ((== this_pkg) . modulePackageId)
$ dep_orphs (mi_deps iface0)
let orph_mods = filter ((== this_pkg) . modulePackageId)
$ dep_orphs sorted_deps
dep_orphan_hashes <- getOrphanHashes hsc_env orph_mods
orphan_hash <- computeFingerprint dflags (mk_put_name local_env)
......@@ -652,7 +663,7 @@ addFingerprints hsc_env mb_old_fingerprint iface0 new_decls
iface_hash <- computeFingerprint dflags putNameLiterally
mi_usages iface0,
mi_deps iface0,
mi_hpc iface0)
......@@ -698,6 +709,13 @@ getOrphanHashes hsc_env mods = do
return (map get_orph_hash mods)
sortDependencies :: Dependencies -> Dependencies
sortDependencies d
= Deps { dep_mods = sortBy (compare `on` (moduleNameFS.fst)) (dep_mods d),
dep_pkgs = sortBy (compare `on` packageIdFS) (dep_pkgs d),
dep_orphs = sortBy stableModuleCmp (dep_orphs d),
dep_finsts = sortBy stableModuleCmp (dep_finsts d) }
-- The ABI of a declaration consists of:
-- the full name of the identifier (inc. module and package, because
-- these are used to construct the symbol name by which the
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