Commit 3a0d52e1 authored by simonmar's avatar simonmar
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[project @ 2006-01-10 14:46:50 by simonmar]

Char primops: the Char# rep is wordRep, not I32 (fixed -dcmm-lint
problems on x86_64)
parent 524a6f8b
......@@ -405,12 +405,12 @@ translateOp AddrLtOp = Just mo_wordULt
-- 32-bit unsigned ops
translateOp CharEqOp = Just (MO_Eq I32)
translateOp CharNeOp = Just (MO_Ne I32)
translateOp CharGeOp = Just (MO_U_Ge I32)
translateOp CharLeOp = Just (MO_U_Le I32)
translateOp CharGtOp = Just (MO_U_Gt I32)
translateOp CharLtOp = Just (MO_U_Lt I32)
translateOp CharEqOp = Just (MO_Eq wordRep)
translateOp CharNeOp = Just (MO_Ne wordRep)
translateOp CharGeOp = Just (MO_U_Ge wordRep)
translateOp CharLeOp = Just (MO_U_Le wordRep)
translateOp CharGtOp = Just (MO_U_Gt wordRep)
translateOp CharLtOp = Just (MO_U_Lt wordRep)
-- Double ops
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