Commit 3d89e057 authored by simonmar's avatar simonmar
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[project @ 2002-06-27 15:15:05 by simonmar]

Don't process OPTIONS in the HsPp phase as well as the cpp phase.
Fixes problems with include files appearing twice in stub files.
parent 7c85c014
......@@ -401,12 +401,9 @@ run_phase Cpp basename suff input_fn output_fn
-- HsPp phase
run_phase HsPp basename suff input_fn output_fn
= do src_opts <- getOptionsFromSource input_fn
unhandled_flags <- processArgs dynamic_flags src_opts []
checkProcessArgsResult unhandled_flags basename suff
let orig_fn = basename ++ '.':suff
run_phase HsPp basename suff input_fn output_fn
= do let orig_fn = basename ++ '.':suff
do_pp <- dynFlag ppFlag
if not do_pp then
-- no need to preprocess, just pass input file along
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