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Document warning suppression with leading underscore on variable names
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......@@ -826,7 +826,7 @@ ghc ––make Main.hs
generated during compilation. By default, you get a standard set
of warnings which are generally likely to indicate bugs in your
program. These are:
<option>-fwarn-missing-fields</option>, and
......@@ -987,6 +987,18 @@ g [] = 2
an instance declaration is missing one or more methods, and
the corresponding class declaration has no default
declaration for them.</para>
<para>The warning is suppressed if the method name
begins with an underscore. Here's an example where this is useful:
class C a where
_simpleFn :: a -> String
complexFn :: a -> a -> String
complexFn x y = ... _simpleFn ...
The idea is that: (a) users of the class will only call <literal>complexFn</literal>;
never <literal>_simpleFn</literal>; and (b)
instance declarations can define either <literal>complexFn</literal> or <literal>_simpleFn</literal>.
......@@ -1111,9 +1123,12 @@ f "2" = 2
<para>Report all unused variables which arise from pattern
matches, including patterns consisting of a single variable.
For instance <literal>f x y = []</literal> would report
<VarName>x</VarName> and <VarName>y</VarName> as unused. To
eliminate the warning, all unused variables can be replaced
with wildcards.</para>
<VarName>x</VarName> and <VarName>y</VarName> as unused. The
warning is suppressed if the variable name begins with an underscore, thus:
f _x = True
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