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[project @ 2004-05-06 08:44:52 by simonmar]

Move the definition of rawSystem into a separate file which we
#include in the places it is needed.  This is slightly better than
copying the code, since we now need it in three places
(ghc/utils/runghc is the 3rd).
parent 8f624641
......@@ -774,65 +774,8 @@ traceCmd phase_name cmd_line action
-- GHC than this, we'd better have a copy of the correct implementation
-- right here.
-- If you ever alter this code, you must alter
-- libraries/base/System/Cmd.hs
-- at the same time! There are also exensive comments in System.Cmd
-- thare are not repeated here -- go look!
#if __GLASGOW_HASKELL__ < 603
rawSystem :: FilePath -> [String] -> IO ExitCode
#ifndef mingw32_TARGET_OS
rawSystem cmd args =
withCString cmd $ \pcmd ->
withMany withCString (cmd:args) $ \cstrs ->
withArray0 nullPtr cstrs $ \arr -> do
status <- throwErrnoIfMinus1 "rawSystem" (c_rawSystem pcmd arr)
case status of
0 -> return ExitSuccess
n -> return (ExitFailure n)
foreign import ccall "rawSystem" unsafe
c_rawSystem :: CString -> Ptr CString -> IO Int
-- On Windows, the command line is passed to the operating system as
-- a single string. Command-line parsing is done by the executable
-- itself.
rawSystem cmd args = do
-- NOTE: 'cmd' is assumed to contain the application to run _only_,
-- as it'll be surrounded in quotes here.
let cmdline = translate cmd ++ concat (map ((' ':) . translate) args)
withCString cmdline $ \pcmdline -> do
status <- throwErrnoIfMinus1 "rawSystem" (c_rawSystem pcmdline)
case status of
0 -> return ExitSuccess
n -> return (ExitFailure n)
translate :: String -> String
translate str = '"' : snd (foldr escape (True,"\"") str)
where escape '"' (b, str) = (True, '\\' : '"' : str)
escape '\\' (True, str) = (True, '\\' : '\\' : str)
escape '\\' (False, str) = (False, '\\' : str)
escape c (b, str) = (False, c : str)
-- This function attempts to invert the Microsoft C runtime's
-- quoting rules, which can be found here:
-- (if this URL stops working, you might be able to find it by
-- searching for "Parsing C Command-Line Arguments" on MSDN).
-- The Bool passed back along the string is True iff the
-- rest of the string is a sequence of backslashes followed by
-- a double quote.
foreign import ccall "rawSystem" unsafe
c_rawSystem :: CString -> IO Int
#include "../../libraries/base/System/RawSystem.hs-inc"
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