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[project @ 2004-03-05 16:04:52 by simonmar]

Be clearer about when source files must match module names.
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......@@ -118,17 +118,21 @@
interface file will be put in <literal>src/A/B/C.hi</literal>
and the object file in <literal>src/A/B/C.o</literal>.</para>
<para>Note that it is reasonable to have a module
<para>For any module that is imported, GHC requires that the
name of the module in the import statement exactly matches the
name of the module in the interface file (or source file) found
using the strategy specified in <xref linkend="search-path">.
This means that for most modules, the source file name should
match the module name.</para>
<para>However, note that it is reasonable to have a module
<literal>Main</literal> in a file named
<filename>foo.hs</filename>, but this only works because GHC
never needs to search for the interface for module
<literal>Main</literal> (because it is never imported). It is
therefore possible to have several <literal>Main</literal>
modules in separate source files in the same directory, and GHC
will not get confused. For modules other than
<literal>Main</literal>, it is strongly recommended that you
name the source file after the module name, replacing dots with
slashes in hierarchical module names.</para>
will not get confused.</para>
<para>In batch compilation mode, the name of the object file can
also be overriden using the <option>-o</option> option, and the
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