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Remove dead code

parent 51c4d029
......@@ -1592,31 +1592,6 @@ improveSeq fam_envs env scrut case_bndr case_bndr1 [(DEFAULT,_,_)]
improveSeq _ env scrut _ case_bndr1 _
= return (env, scrut, case_bndr1)
improve_case_bndr env scrut case_bndr
-- See Note [no-case-of-case]
-- | switchIsOn (getSwitchChecker env) NoCaseOfCase
-- = (env, case_bndr)
| otherwise -- Failed try; see Note [Suppressing the case binder-swap]
-- not (isEvaldUnfolding (idUnfolding v))
= case scrut of
Var v -> (modifyInScope env1 v case_bndr', case_bndr')
-- Note about using modifyInScope for v here
-- We could extend the substitution instead, but it would be
-- a hack because then the substitution wouldn't be idempotent
-- any more (v is an OutId). And this does just as well.
Cast (Var v) co -> (addBinderUnfolding env1 v rhs, case_bndr')
rhs = Cast (Var case_bndr') (mkSymCoercion co)
_ -> (env, case_bndr)
case_bndr' = zapIdOccInfo case_bndr
env1 = modifyInScope env case_bndr case_bndr'
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