Commit 490fd965 authored by igloo's avatar igloo
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[project @ 2004-04-16 02:02:44 by igloo]

Change the mangler to allow a tab before .section on sparc. Fixes a
problem which shows up as symbols not being made global so not being
defined when compiling with gcc >= 3.something.
parent bc4978c6
......@@ -422,7 +422,7 @@ sub init_TARGET_STUFF {
$T_CONST_LBL = '^\.LLC(\d+):$'; # regexp for what such a lbl looks like
$T_POST_LBL = ':';
$T_MOVE_DIRVS = '^((\s+\.align\s+\d+|\s+\.proc\s+\d+|\s+\.global\s+\S+|\.text|\.data|\.seg|\.stab.*|\.section.*|\s+\.type.*|\s+\.size.*)\n)';
$T_MOVE_DIRVS = '^((\s+\.align\s+\d+|\s+\.proc\s+\d+|\s+\.global\s+\S+|\.text|\.data|\.seg|\.stab.*|\t?\.section.*|\s+\.type.*|\s+\.size.*)\n)';
$T_COPY_DIRVS = '\.(global|globl|proc|stab)';
$T_hsc_cc_PAT = '\.asciz.*\)(hsc|cc) (.*)\\\\t(.*)"';
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