Commit 4d1b7b4a authored by Gergő Érdi's avatar Gergő Érdi
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Add OutputableBndr instance for OccName

parent ea6dcef1
......@@ -261,6 +261,11 @@ instance Data OccName where
instance Outputable OccName where
ppr = pprOccName
instance OutputableBndr OccName where
pprBndr _ = ppr
pprInfixOcc n = pprInfixVar (isSymOcc n) (ppr n)
pprPrefixOcc n = pprPrefixVar (isSymOcc n) (ppr n)
pprOccName :: OccName -> SDoc
pprOccName (OccName sp occ)
= getPprStyle $ \ sty ->
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