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[project @ 2003-02-13 15:20:27 by sof]

upd wrt spacy filenames
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......@@ -10,14 +10,20 @@ The installer that installs GHC on Win32 also sets up the file-suffix associatio
for ".hs" and ".lhs" files so that double-clicking them starts <command>ghci</command>.
One little hitch happens if you right-click on a file, select "Open With..." and
then pick <command>ghci</command>. If the filename has spaces in, what will happen is
that GHC will get invoked like this:
Be aware of that <command>ghc</command> and <command>ghci</command> do
require filenames containing spaces to be escaped using quotes:
c:\ghc\bin\ghci \Documents and Settings\MyFile.lhs
c:\ghc\bin\ghci "c:\\Program Files\\Haskell\\Project.hs"
So it looks to GHC as if there are three arguments, "\Documents", "and", and "Settings\MyFile.lhs".
If the quotes are left off in the above command, <command>ghci</command> will
interpret the filename as two, "c:\\Program" and "Files\\Haskell\\Project.hs".
<!-- not clear whether there are current editions of Win32 OSes that
doesn't do this by default.
<para> Solution: don't use "Open With...", avoid spaces in file names,
or fiddle with the appropriate registry setting:
......@@ -26,8 +32,8 @@ or fiddle with the appropriate registry setting:
Notice how the "%1" argument is quoted (or not).
<para> This problem doesn't occur when double-clicking.
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