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[project @ 2005-01-14 08:01:26 by wolfgang]

Dynamic Linking, Part 2:

Hack the Makefiles to build dynamic libraries.
This allows you to actually use dynamic libraries to greatly reduce binary
sizes on Darwin/PowerPC and on powerpc64-linux (for now).

To use this, add the following to your

GhcLibHcOpts+=-fPIC -dynamic
GhcRtsHcOpts+=-fPIC -dynamic

(You can leave out the last three lines on powerpc64-linux).

Then, to compile a program using dynamic libraries, pass the -dynamic option to GHC.
To make GHCi use the dynamic libraries instead of .o files, just delete the HS*.o files.

The dynamic library files are named libHSfoo_dyn.dylib or

Note that the dynamic and static libraries are build from the same .o files,
but we really want to build the static libraries with SplitObjs and without
-fPIC -dynamic to achieve better code size and performance.

    When looking for a library, look for HSfoo.o first (as before),
    then look for libHSfoo_dyn.[so/dylib] before looking for

    Main.dll_o and PrelMain.dll_o are dead, at least for now.

    When -dynamic is specified, add "_dyn" to all libraries specified in
    hs-libraries (not to the extra-libs).

    Never build libghccompat as a dynamic lib.

    if GhcBuildDylibs is set to YES, build dynamic libraries.

    When installing .dylibs (Darwin only), update the install_name to point
    to the final location.
    (Somebody please read Apple's documentation on what install_names are,
    and then comment on whether this is a useful feature or whether it should
    be done the "normal" unix way).
parent 6b46a984
......@@ -822,9 +822,14 @@ locateOneObj dirs lib
= do { mb_obj_path <- findFile mk_obj_path dirs
; case mb_obj_path of
Just obj_path -> return (Object obj_path)
Nothing -> return (DLL lib) } -- We assume
Nothing ->
do { mb_lib_path <- findFile mk_dyn_lib_path dirs
; case mb_lib_path of
Just lib_path -> return (DLL (lib ++ "_dyn"))
Nothing -> return (DLL lib) }} -- We assume
mk_obj_path dir = dir ++ '/':lib ++ ".o"
mk_dyn_lib_path dir = dir ++ '/':mkSOName (lib ++ "_dyn")
-- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
......@@ -1080,8 +1080,7 @@ staticLink dflags o_files dep_packages = do
let extra_os = if static || no_hs_main
then []
else [ head (libraryDirs rts_pkg) ++ "/Main.dll_o",
head (libraryDirs base_pkg) ++ "/PrelMain.dll_o" ]
else []
(md_c_flags, _) <- machdepCCOpts dflags
SysTools.runLink dflags (
......@@ -428,10 +428,9 @@ getPackageLinkOpts dflags pkgs = do
rts_tag <- readIORef v_RTS_Build_tag
static <- readIORef v_Static
imp = if static then "" else "_imp"
libs p = map addSuffix (hACK (hsLibraries p)) ++ extraLibraries p
imp_libs p = map (++imp) (libs p)
all_opts p = map ("-l" ++) (imp_libs p) ++ extraLdOpts p
imp = if static then "" else "_dyn"
libs p = map ((++imp) . addSuffix) (hACK (hsLibraries p)) ++ extraLibraries p
all_opts p = map ("-l" ++) (libs p) ++ extraLdOpts p
suffix = if null tag then "" else '_':tag
rts_suffix = if null rts_tag then "" else '_':rts_tag
......@@ -63,4 +63,7 @@ boot :: depend
$(MAKE) all
# We don't ever want to build libghccompat as a shared library.
include $(TOP)/mk/
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# $Id:,v 1.42 2004/11/26 16:22:13 simonmar Exp $
# $Id:,v 1.43 2005/01/14 08:01:27 wolfgang Exp $
ifneq "$(PACKAGE)" ""
......@@ -219,6 +219,52 @@ endif # DONT_WANT_STD_GHCI_LIB_RULE
endif # GhcWithInterpreter
endif # way
ifeq "$(GhcBuildDylibs)" "YES"
# Build dynamic libraries.
# Currently, this is a hack. Anyone, PLEASE clean it up.
# For now, we pretend that there are two operating systems in the world;
# Darwin, and Everything Else. Furthermore, we pretend that Everything Else
# behaves like Linux.
ifeq "$(darwin_TARGET_OS)" "1"
# Darwin: Shared libraries end in .dylib
DYLD_LIBRARY = $(patsubst %.a,%_dyn.dylib,$(LIBRARY))
# About the options used for Darwin:
# -dynamiclib
# Apple's way of saying -shared
# -flat_namespace -undefined suppress:
# Without these options, we'd have to specify the correct dependencies
# for each of the dylibs. Twolevel namespaces are in general a good thing
# (they make things more robust), so we should fix this sooner or later.
# -install_name
# Causes the dynamic linker to ignore the DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH when loading
# this lib and instead look for it at its absolute path.
# When installing the .dylibs (see, we'll change that path to
# point to the place they are installed.
# Note: I'm not yet sure about this, but I think it will be convenient for
# users not to have to set up DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH to point to the GHC
# library dir. -- Wolfgang
$(CC) -dynamiclib -o $@ $(STUBOBJS) $(LIBOBJS) -flat_namespace -undefined suppress -install_name `pwd`/$@
DYLD_LIBRARY = $(patsubst %.a,,$(LIBRARY))
$(CC) -shared -o $@ $(STUBOBJS) $(LIBOBJS)
all :: $(DYLD_LIBRARY)
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Doc building with Haddock
......@@ -770,6 +770,9 @@ install:: $(INSTALL_LIBS)
$(INSTALL_DATA) -s $(INSTALL_OPTS) $$i $(libdir) ;; \
*.so) \
$(INSTALL_SHLIB) $(INSTALL_OPTS) $$i $(libdir) ;; \
*.dylib) \
$(INSTALL_SHLIB) $(INSTALL_OPTS) $$i $(libdir); \
install_name_tool -id $(libdir)/`basename $$i` $(libdir)/`basename $$i` ;; \
*) \
$(INSTALL_DATA) $(INSTALL_OPTS) $$i $(libdir); \
esac; \
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