Commit 506299fe authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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Sparc fix: work around gcc optimising away the reserved stack chunk

This bug causes crashse on Sparc when calling foreign functions with
more than 13 arguments.
parent af0d070b
......@@ -328,13 +328,16 @@ StgRun(StgFunPtr f, StgRegTable *basereg) {
".align 4\n"
".global " STG_RETURN "\n"
: : : "l0","l1","l2","l3","l4","l5","l6","l7");
: : "p" (space) : "l0","l1","l2","l3","l4","l5","l6","l7");
/* we tell the C compiler that l0-l7 are clobbered on return to
* StgReturn, otherwise it tries to use these to save eg. the
* address of space[100] across the call. The correct thing
* to do would be to save all the callee-saves regs, but we
* can't be bothered to do that.
* We also explicitly mark space as used since gcc eliminates it
* otherwise.
* The code that gcc generates for this little fragment is now
* terrible. We could do much better by coding it directly in
* assembler.
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