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[project @ 2004-06-18 09:02:40 by dons]

Have loadObj ignore requests to load an object more than once, instead
of actually loading the object, then dying.

This change lets user-land loaders safely work inside GHCi, when they
would have no way to know what packages had already been loaded.

Help from SimonM and Andre Pang.
parent a06978c1
......@@ -983,24 +983,25 @@ loadObj( char *path )
/* fprintf(stderr, "loadObj %s\n", path ); */
/* Check that we haven't already loaded this object. Don't give up
at this stage; ocGetNames_* will barf later. */
/* Check that we haven't already loaded this object.
Ignore requests to load multiple times */
ObjectCode *o;
int is_dup = 0;
for (o = objects; o; o = o->next) {
if (0 == strcmp(o->fileName, path))
if (0 == strcmp(o->fileName, path)) {
is_dup = 1;
break; /* don't need to search further */
if (is_dup) {
IF_DEBUG(linker, belch(
"GHCi runtime linker: warning: looks like you're trying to load the\n"
"same object file twice:\n"
" %s\n"
"GHCi will continue, but a duplicate-symbol error may shortly follow.\n"
, path);
"GHCi will ignore this, but be warned.\n"
, path));
return 1; /* success */
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