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[project @ 2004-05-24 09:13:21 by simonmar]

Comment update
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......@@ -778,9 +778,13 @@ linkPackage dflags pkg
-- dlopen-ing A with RTLD_NOW (see addDLL in Linker.c) will fail
-- when B has not been loaded before. In a nutshell: Reverse the
-- order of DLLs for dynamic linking.
-- This fixes a problem with the HOpenGL package (see "Compiling
-- HOpenGL under recent versions of GHC" on the HOpenGL list).
mapM_ (load_dyn dirs) (reverse dlls)
-- After loading all the DLLs, we can load the static objects.
-- Ordering isn't important here, because we do one final link
-- step to resolve everything.
mapM_ loadObj objs
maybePutStr dflags "linking ... "
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