Commit 56acbeac authored by simonmar's avatar simonmar
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[project @ 2002-10-22 13:36:56 by simonmar]

Fix recent FreeBSD breakage in the mangler: the "Prologue Junk" test
was a little bit too strict about whitespace.
parent b7129526
......@@ -779,7 +779,7 @@ sub mangle_asm {
# HWL HACK: dont die, just print a warning
#print stderr "HWL: this should die! Prologue junk?: $p\n" if $p =~ /^\t[^\.]/;
die "Prologue junk?: $p\n" if $p =~ /^\t[^\.]/;
die "Prologue junk?: $p\n" if $p =~ /^\s+[^\s\.]/;
if ($TargetPlatform =~ /^powerpc-apple-.*/ && $pcrel_label ne "") {
# on PowerPC, we have to keep a part of the prologue
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