Commit 5c103922 authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Remove the haddock detection

Now that we build haddock in the GHC build, we don't need to look for it
on the path.
parent d1876c6a
......@@ -253,27 +253,6 @@ HappyVersion=$fptools_cv_happy_version;
dnl Check for Haddock and version. If there's no installed Haddock, we look
dnl for a haddock source tree and point the build system at that instead.
dnl Darn, I forgot to make Haddock print out its version number when
dnl invoked with -v. We could try generating some HTML and grepping
dnl through that to find the version number, but I think we'll make
dnl do without it for now.
# Haddock is passed to Cabal, so we need a native path
if test "x$HostPlatform" = "xi386-unknown-mingw32" && \
test "${OSTYPE}" != "msys" && \
test "${HaddockCmd}" != ""
# Canonicalise to <drive>:/path/to/gcc
HaddockCmd=`cygpath -m ${HaddockCmd}`
AC_MSG_NOTICE([normalized haddock command to $HaddockCmd])
dnl Check for Alex and version. If we're building GHC, then we need
dnl at least Alex version 2.0.1.
......@@ -1185,11 +1185,6 @@ ALEX_VERSION = @AlexVersion@
# Haddock
HADDOCK = @HaddockCmd@
# Options for compiling in different `ways'.
......@@ -270,13 +270,6 @@ ifneq "$(HS_PPS)" ""
CLEAN_FILES += $(HS_PPS) $(addsuffix .tmp, $(HS_SRCS))
ifeq "$(HADDOCK)" ""
html ::
@echo Haddock must be installed in order to build HTML library documentation.
@echo Please install Haddock and re-configure.
@exit 1
html :: $(HTML_DOC)
extraclean ::
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