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......@@ -464,8 +464,8 @@ conflicts dflags (r, rhs, addr) node
-- foreign call. See Note [foreign calls clobber GlobalRegs].
| CmmUnsafeForeignCall{} <- node, anyCallerSavesRegs dflags rhs = True
-- (5) foreign calls clobber memory, but not heap/stack memory
| CmmUnsafeForeignCall{} <- node, AnyMem <- addr = True
-- (5) foreign calls clobber heap: see Note [foreign calls clobber heap]
| CmmUnsafeForeignCall{} <- node, memConflicts addr AnyMem = True
-- (6) native calls clobber any memory
| CmmCall{} <- node, memConflicts addr AnyMem = True
......@@ -523,6 +523,21 @@ data AbsMem
-- that was written in the same basic block. To take advantage of
-- non-aliasing of heap memory we will have to be more clever.
-- Note [foreign calls clobber]
-- It is tempting to say that foreign calls clobber only
-- non-heap/stack memory, but unfortunately we break this invariant in
-- the RTS. For example, in stg_catch_retry_frame we call
-- stmCommitNestedTransaction() which modifies the contents of the
-- TRec it is passed (this actually caused incorrect code to be
-- generated).
-- Since the invariant is true for the majority of foreign calls,
-- perhaps we ought to have a special annotation for calls that can
-- modify heap/stack memory. For now we just use the conservative
-- definition here.
bothMems :: AbsMem -> AbsMem -> AbsMem
bothMems NoMem x = x
bothMems x NoMem = x
......@@ -2777,7 +2777,7 @@ findRetryFrameHelper (Capability *cap, StgTSO *tso)
"found CATCH_RETRY_FRAME at %p during retrry", p);
"found CATCH_RETRY_FRAME at %p during retry", p);
tso->stackobj->sp = p;
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