Commit 62da65a6 authored by parcs's avatar parcs Committed by pcapriotti
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Fail nicely when encountering an invalid bang annotation (#7210)

parent 583c87d0
......@@ -321,7 +321,11 @@ tc_hs_type :: HsType Name -> ExpKind -> TcM TcType
tc_hs_type (HsParTy ty) exp_kind = tc_lhs_type ty exp_kind
tc_hs_type (HsDocTy ty _) exp_kind = tc_lhs_type ty exp_kind
tc_hs_type (HsQuasiQuoteTy {}) _ = panic "tc_hs_type: qq" -- Eliminated by renamer
tc_hs_type (HsBangTy {}) _ = panic "tc_hs_type: bang" -- Unwrapped by con decls
tc_hs_type ty@(HsBangTy {}) _
-- While top-level bangs at this point are eliminated (eg !(Maybe Int)),
-- other kinds of bangs are not (eg ((!Maybe) Int)). These kinds of
-- bangs are invalid, so fail. (#7210)
= failWithTc (ptext (sLit "Unexpected strictness annotation:") <+> ppr ty)
tc_hs_type (HsRecTy _) _ = panic "tc_hs_type: record" -- Unwrapped by con decls
-- Record types (which only show up temporarily in constructor
-- signatures) should have been removed by now
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