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  - Loading module Main without a main binding is no longer an error.

  - Clarify the section on libraries to note that it means object-code
    libraries, not source code.

  - Update the section on packages now that most packages are
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......@@ -162,7 +162,7 @@ Ok, modules loaded: Main.
indirectly, by the topmost module, and load them all in dependency
<sect2 id="ghci-modules-filenames">
<title>Modules vs. filenames</title>
<indexterm><primary>modules</primary><secondary>and filenames</secondary></indexterm>
<indexterm><primary>filenames</primary><secondary>of modules</secondary></indexterm>
......@@ -207,10 +207,6 @@ Ok, modules loaded: Main.
which GHCi can't find a source file, even if there are object
and interface files for the module, you'll get an error
<para>One final note: if you load a module called Main, it must
contain a <literal>main</literal> function, just like in
......@@ -672,26 +668,33 @@ $ ghci Main.hs
<indexterm><primary>packages</primary><secondary>with GHCi</secondary></indexterm>
<para>GHCi can make use of all the packages that come with GHC,
For example, to start up GHCi with the <literal>network</literal>
package loaded:</para>
<para>Most packages (see <xref linkend="using-packages">) are
available without needing to specify any extra flags at all:
they will be automatically loaded the first time they are
<para>For non-auto packages, however, you need to request the
package be loaded by using the <literal>-package</literal> flag:</para>
$ ghci -package network
$ ghci -package data
___ ___ _
/ _ \ /\ /\/ __(_)
/ /_\// /_/ / / | | GHC Interactive, version 5.04, for Haskell 98.
/ /_\// /_/ / / | | GHC Interactive, version 5.05, for Haskell 98.
/ /_\\/ __ / /___| |
\____/\/ /_/\____/|_| Type :? for help.
Loading package base ... linking ... done.
Loading package haskell98 ... linking ... done.
Loading package network ... linking ... done.
Loading package lang ... linking ... done.
Loading package concurrent ... linking ... done.
Loading package readline ... linking ... done.
Loading package unix ... linking ... done.
Loading package posix ... linking ... done.
Loading package util ... linking ... done.
Loading package data ... linking ... done.
<para>Note that GHCi will also automatically load any packages
on which the requested package depends.</para>
<para>The following command works to load new packages into a
running GHCi:</para>
......@@ -702,7 +705,7 @@ Prelude> :set -package <replaceable>name</replaceable>
<para>But note that doing this will cause all currently loaded
modules to be unloaded, and you'll be dumped back into the
......@@ -711,7 +714,10 @@ Prelude> :set -package <replaceable>name</replaceable>
<para>Extra libraries may be specified on the command line using
the normal <literal>-l<replaceable>lib</replaceable></literal>
option. For example, to load the &ldquo;m&rdquo; library:</para>
option. (The term <emphasis>library</emphasis> here refers to
libraries of foreign object code; for using libraries of Haskell
source code, see <xref linkend="ghci-modules-filenames">.) For
example, to load the &ldquo;m&rdquo; library:</para>
$ ghci -lm
......@@ -1221,22 +1227,6 @@ Prelude> :set -fno-glasgow-exts
<title>FAQ and Things To Watch Out For</title>
<term>GHCi complains about <function>main</function> not being
in scope when I load a module.</term>
<indexterm><primary><function>main</function></primary><secondary>with GHCi</secondary>
<para>You probably omitted the <literal>module</literal>
declaration at the top of the module, which causes the
module name to default to <literal>Main</literal>. In
Haskell, the <literal>Main</literal> module must define a
function called <function>main</function>. Admittedly this
doesn't make a great deal of sense for an interpreter, but
the rule was kept for compatibility with GHC.</para>
<term>The interpreter can't load modules with foreign export
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