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[project @ 1998-08-14 13:16:00 by sof]

Fixed GetOpt example
parent 7bc7b37a
......@@ -625,7 +625,7 @@ data ForeignObj -- abstract, instance of: Eq
makeForeignObj :: Addr{-object-} -> Addr{-finaliser-} -> IO ForeignObj
writeForeignObj :: ForeignObj -> Addr{-new value-} -> IO ()
data StablePtr a
data StablePtr a -- abstract, instance of: Eq.
makeStablePtr :: a -> IO (StablePtr a)
deRefStablePtr :: StablePtr a -> IO a
freeStablePtr :: StablePtr a -> IO ()
......@@ -811,7 +811,7 @@ which might be used to build an ordered binary tree, say.
The <tt/Dynamic/ library provides cheap-and-cheerful dynamic types for
Haskell. A dynamically typed value is one which carries type
information with it at run-time, and is represented here by the
information with it at run-time, and is represented by the
abstract type <tt/Dynamic/. Values can be converted into <tt/Dynamic/
ones, which can then be combined and manipulated by the program using
the operations provided over the abstract, dynamic type. One of
......@@ -907,7 +907,10 @@ following,
A really efficient implementation is possible if we guarantee/demand
that the strings are unique, and for a particular type constructor,
the application <tt/mkTyCon/ to the string that represents the type
constructor is never duplicated. &lsqb;<bf/Q:/ <em>Would this constraint be
constructor is never duplicated. Provided you follow the
the author of <tt/Typeable/
&lsqb;<bf/Q:/ <em>Would this constraint be
unworkable in practice?</em>&rsqb;
Both <tt/TyCon/ and <tt/TypeRep/ are instances of the <tt/Show/ type
......@@ -1029,33 +1032,35 @@ options in any old order or not.
To hopefully illuminate the role of the different <tt/GetOpt/ data
structures, here's the command-line options for a (very simple)
module Opts where
import GetOpt
import Maybe ( fromMaybe )
data Flag
= Verbose | Version
| Input String | Output String
| Input String | Output String | LibDir String
deriving Show
options :: [OptDescr Flag]
options =
[ Option ['v'] ["verbose"] (NoArg Verbose) "chatty output on stderr"
, Option ['V','?'] ["version"] (NoArg Version) "show version number"
, Option ['o'] ["output"] (OptArg out "FILE") "output FILE"
, Option ['c'] [] (OptArg in "FILE") "input FILE"
, Option ['o'] ["output"] (OptArg outp "FILE") "output FILE"
, Option ['c'] [] (OptArg inp "FILE") "input FILE"
, Option ['L'] ["libdir"] (ReqArg LibDir "DIR") "library directory"
out :: Maybe String -> Flag
out Nothing = Output "stdout"
out (Just of) = Output of
in :: Maybe String -> Flag
in Nothing = Input "stdin"
in (Just i) = Input i
inp,outp :: Maybe String -> Flag
outp = Output . fromMaybe "stdout"
inp = Input . fromMaybe "stdout"
compilerOpts :: [String] -> IO (String, String)
compilerOpts :: [String] -> IO ([Flag], [String])
compilerOpts argv =
case (getOpt NoOrder options argv) of
case (getOpt Permute options argv) of
(o,n,[] ) -> return (o,n)
(_,_,errs) -> fail (userError (concat errs ++ usageInfo header options))
where header = "Usage: ic [OPTION...] files..."
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