Commit 64c64a6e authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Tweak the Makefile code for making .a libs; fixes trac #3642

The main change is that, rather than using "xargs ar" we now put
all the filenames into a file, and do "ar @file". This means that
ar adds all the files at once, which works around a problem where
files with the same basename in a later invocation were overwriting
the existing file in the .a archive.
parent 624e8212
......@@ -73,15 +73,16 @@ $$($1_$2_$3_LIB) : $$($1_$2_$3_ALL_OBJS) $$(ALL_RTS_LIBS) $$($1_$2_$3_DEPS_LIBS)
# Build the ordinary .a library
ifeq "$$($1_$2_SplitObjs)" "YES"
$$($1_$2_$3_LIB) : $$($1_$2_$3_ALL_OBJS)
"$$(RM)" $$(RM_OPTS) $$@
(echo $$($1_$2_$3_NON_HS_OBJS) `$$($1_$2_$3_MKSTUBOBJS)`; $$(FIND) $$(patsubst %.$$($3_osuf),%_$$($3_osuf)_split,$$($1_$2_$3_HS_OBJS)) -name '*.$$($3_osuf)' -print) | "$$(XARGS)" $$(XARGS_OPTS) "$$(AR)" $$(AR_OPTS) $$(EXTRA_AR_ARGS) $$@
"$$(RM)" $$(RM_OPTS) $$@ $$@.contents
ifeq "$$($1_$2_SplitObjs)" "YES"
$$(FIND) $$(patsubst %.$$($3_osuf),%_$$($3_osuf)_split,$$($1_$2_$3_HS_OBJS)) -name '*.$$($3_osuf)' -print >> $$@.contents
echo $$($1_$2_$3_NON_HS_OBJS) `$$($1_$2_$3_MKSTUBOBJS)` >> $$@.contents
$$($1_$2_$3_LIB) : $$($1_$2_$3_ALL_OBJS)
"$$(RM)" $$(RM_OPTS) $$@
echo $$($1_$2_$3_ALL_OBJS) `$$($1_$2_$3_MKSTUBOBJS)` | "$$(XARGS)" $$(XARGS_OPTS) "$$(AR)" $$(AR_OPTS) $$(EXTRA_AR_ARGS) $$@
echo $$($1_$2_$3_ALL_OBJS) `$$($1_$2_$3_MKSTUBOBJS)` >> $$@.contents
"$$(AR)" $$(AR_OPTS) $$(EXTRA_AR_ARGS) $$@ @$$@.contents
"$$(RM)" $$(RM_OPTS) $$@.contents
$(call all-target,$1_$2,all_$1_$2_$3)
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