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Announce 4.06
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The Glasgow Haskell Compiler -- version 4.04
The Glasgow Haskell Compiler -- version 4.06
We are pleased to announce a new release of the Glasgow Haskell
Compiler (GHC), version 4.04. The source distribution is freely
Compiler (GHC), version 4.06. The source distribution is freely
available via the World-Wide Web and through anon. FTP; details below.
Haskell is "the" standard lazy functional programming language; the
......@@ -18,16 +18,33 @@ GHC's Web page lives at
+ What's new
- GHC is now officially Open Source, see the LICENSE file in the
distribution for details.
This should be a stable release. We have not made major changes
since 4.04 to the core compiler, but we have fixed lots of bugs.
We believe that 4.06 is in a nice stable well-tested state. (Ha!)
- Rewrite rules can be specified in the source using the RULES
pragma. This is used for automatic fusion of common list functions.
Apart from that, there are the following changes
- Performance tuning: compiled programs now allocate 30% less
and run 20% faster on average compared to GHC 4.02.
- Major library reorganisation. All libraries, except the ones that
are part of the Haskell 98 *language* specification, have moved to
fptools/hslibs/. The hslibs tree is independent of GHC, shared between
GHC, Hugs, and (we hope) other Haskell implementations.
The idea is to make it easier for people to contribute and maintain
- GHC now uses a Happy parser instead of the old yacc/lex one.
The hslibs/ tree is organised in a Java-like fashion. Details in
the new Library guide. <url please>
Existing programs that use the -syslib flag may need to change which
syslibs they include.
- Support for "foreign export dynamic".
- Clean up of concurrent I/O system; in particular, I/O is now non-blocking,
except (alas) on stdout/stderr for tiresome reasons.
- Some refinements to the exceptions mechanism <url please>
- More performance tuning: compiled programs now allocate 10% less than 4.04
For full details see the release notes:
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