Commit 67760c45 authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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makeRelativeRefTo checks tablesNextToCode, so we don't have to before using it

parent a8dc65d6
......@@ -78,12 +78,8 @@ mkInfoTable uniq (CmmProc (CmmInfo _ _ info) entry_label arguments blocks) =
CmmInfoTable (ProfilingInfo ty_prof cl_prof) type_tag type_info ->
let info_label = entryLblToInfoLbl entry_label
ty_prof' = if tablesNextToCode
then makeRelativeRefTo info_label ty_prof
else ty_prof
cl_prof' = if tablesNextToCode
then makeRelativeRefTo info_label cl_prof
else cl_prof
ty_prof' = makeRelativeRefTo info_label ty_prof
cl_prof' = makeRelativeRefTo info_label cl_prof
in case type_info of
-- | A function entry point.
FunInfo (ptrs, nptrs) srt fun_type fun_arity pap_bitmap slow_entry ->
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