Commit 677d7687 authored by Ben Gamari's avatar Ben Gamari 🐢

DynFlags: -freverse-errors should be defFlag

This flag works under both GHC and GHCi, as pointed out on D1367. Thanks
to @thomie for pointing this out.
parent 5a481803
......@@ -2410,9 +2410,9 @@ dynamic_flags = [
deprecate "Use -fno-force-recomp instead"))
, defGhcFlag "no-recomp" (NoArg (do setGeneralFlag Opt_ForceRecomp
deprecate "Use -fforce-recomp instead"))
, defGhcFlag "freverse-errors"
, defFlag "freverse-errors"
(noArg (\d -> d {reverseErrors = True} ))
, defGhcFlag "fno-reverse-errors"
, defFlag "fno-reverse-errors"
(noArg (\d -> d {reverseErrors = False} ))
------ HsCpp opts ---------------------------------------------------
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