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fix comment on allocate() (#8254)

parent b1ddec1e
......@@ -662,20 +662,22 @@ move_STACK (StgStack *src, StgStack *dest)
/* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
This allocates memory in the current thread - it is intended for
use primarily from STG-land where we have a Capability. It is
better than allocate() because it doesn't require taking the
sm_mutex lock in the common case.
Memory is allocated directly from the nursery if possible (but not
from the current nursery block, so as not to interfere with
StgPtr allocate (Capability *cap, W_ n)
Allocates an area of memory n *words* large, from the nursery of
the supplied Capability, or from the global block pool if the area
requested is larger than LARGE_OBJECT_THRESHOLD. Memory is not
allocated from the current nursery block, so as not to interfere
with Hp/HpLim.
The address of the allocated memory is returned. allocate() never
fails; if it returns, the returned value is a valid address. If
the nursery is already full, then another block is allocated from
the global block pool. If we need to get memory from the OS and
that operation fails, then the whole process will be killed.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
allocate (Capability *cap, W_ n)
StgPtr allocate (Capability *cap, W_ n)
bdescr *bd;
StgPtr p;
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