Commit 6a1dd525 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow

fix building with extra packages (packages were added to BUILD_DIRS twice)

Also add some comments about what extra-packages is doing
parent 278d7e0f
......@@ -10,10 +10,26 @@
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# For each package P marked as "dph" or "extra" in $(TOP)/packages:
# if $(TOP)/libraries/P exists, then
# if $(TOP)/libraries/P/ghc-packages exists, then
# * add each package from $(TOP)/libraries/P/ghc-packages2 to the list of
# packages.
# Note: ghc-packages2 might have a different list from
# ghc-packages, this is to support dph which has some
# packages that are automatically derived from a single
# source by the build system).
# * add $(TOP)/libraries/P to $(BUILD_DIRS)
# This step is necessary in the case of dph, which has some
# build system code in libraries/dph/, but
# libraries/dph is not itself a package.
# else
# add P to the list of packages
define extra-packages
$$(foreach p,$$(patsubst libraries/%,%,$$(wildcard $$(shell grep '^[^ ]\+ \+\(dph\|extra\) \+[^ ]\+ \+[^ ]\+ \+[^ ]\+' packages | sed 's/ .*//'))),\
$$(eval BUILD_DIRS += libraries/$$p)\
$$(if $$(wildcard libraries/$$p/ghc-packages),\
$$(eval BUILD_DIRS += libraries/$$p) \
$$(foreach q,$$(shell cat libraries/$$p/ghc-packages2),$$(eval $$(call extra-package,$$p,$$p/$$q))),\
$$(eval $$(call extra-package,$$p,$$p)))\
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