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[project @ 2002-07-26 03:06:58 by sof]

interactiveLoop{mingw32}: always show prompt under mingw.

hIsTerminalDevice returns True iff stdin is connected to a Console
under Win32. Which it is when running in a command shell
(DOS,bash etc.), but Emacs sub-shells don't get a Console of their
own when invoked. So, just disable this feature (whose motivation
somewhat escapes me.)
parent d9d8ab15
{-# OPTIONS -#include "Linker.h" -#include "SchedAPI.h" #-}
-- $Id: InteractiveUI.hs,v 1.129 2002/07/17 13:49:15 simonmar Exp $
-- $Id: InteractiveUI.hs,v 1.130 2002/07/26 03:06:58 sof Exp $
-- GHC Interactive User Interface
......@@ -243,8 +243,14 @@ runGHCi paths dflags = do
loadModule (unwords paths)
-- enter the interactive loop
#if defined(mingw32_TARGET_OS)
-- always show prompt, since hIsTerminalDevice returns True for Consoles
-- only, which we may or may not be running under (cf. Emacs sub-shells.)
interactiveLoop True
is_tty <- io (hIsTerminalDevice stdin)
interactiveLoop is_tty
-- and finally, exit
io $ do when (verbosity dflags > 0) $ putStrLn "Leaving GHCi."
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