Commit 6c734cda authored by sof's avatar sof

[project @ 1998-08-20 15:42:01 by sof]

Made Makefile evil hack, slightly less so
parent c7389a19
......@@ -14,11 +14,12 @@ SRC_DIST_DIR=$(shell pwd)/$(SRC_DIST_NAME)
# Totally evil hack to make the setting of SUBDIRS be dependent
# on whether we do `make install' or not. Having a $(ifeq ... ) would
# be preferable..
SUBDIRS = $(shell if (test x$(CURRENT_TARGET) = xinstall) ; then echo $(ProjectsToInstall); else echo $(ProjectsToBuild); fi)
PROJECT_CONFIG_MK = $(shell if (test x$(CURRENT_TARGET) = xbinary-dist) ; then echo inlude $(Project)/mk/; else echo ''; fi)
ifeq (x$(CURRENT_TARGET),xbinary-dist)
include $(shell echo $(Project) | tr A-Z a-z)/mk/
# Files to include in fptools source distribution
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