Commit 6d46439c authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones

Improve error reporting for out-of-scope variables

Sometimes when a variable is out of scope in the type-checker,
it's not a GHC bug, but rather a TH staging error.  See
Note [Out of scope might be a staging error] in TcEnv.

This showed up as Trac #5795.
parent f7245ce4
......@@ -251,7 +251,9 @@ lookupExactOcc name
exact_nm_err = hang (ptext (sLit "The exact Name") <+> quotes (ppr name) <+> ptext (sLit "is not in scope"))
2 (ptext (sLit "Probable cause: you used a unique name (NameU) in Template Haskell but did not bind it"))
2 (vcat [ ptext (sLit "Probable cause: you used a unique name (NameU), perhaps via newName,")
, ptext (sLit "in Template Haskell, but did not bind it")
, ptext (sLit "If that's it, then -ddump-splices might be useful") ])
lookupInstDeclBndr :: Name -> SDoc -> RdrName -> RnM Name
......@@ -520,10 +520,7 @@ checkWellStaged pp_thing bind_lvl use_lvl
= return () -- E.g. \x -> [| $(f x) |]
| bind_lvl == outerLevel -- GHC restriction on top level splices
= failWithTc $
sep [ptext (sLit "GHC stage restriction:") <+> pp_thing,
nest 2 (vcat [ ptext (sLit "is used in a top-level splice or annotation,")
, ptext (sLit "and must be imported, not defined locally")])]
= stageRestrictionError pp_thing
| otherwise -- Badly staged
= failWithTc $ -- E.g. \x -> $(f x)
......@@ -531,6 +528,13 @@ checkWellStaged pp_thing bind_lvl use_lvl
hsep [ptext (sLit "is bound at stage") <+> ppr bind_lvl,
ptext (sLit "but used at stage") <+> ppr use_lvl]
stageRestrictionError :: SDoc -> TcM a
stageRestrictionError pp_thing
= failWithTc $
sep [ ptext (sLit "GHC stage restriction:")
, nest 2 (vcat [ pp_thing <+> ptext (sLit "is used in a top-level splice or annotation,")
, ptext (sLit "and must be imported, not defined locally")])]
topIdLvl :: Id -> ThLevel
-- Globals may either be imported, or may be from an earlier "chunk"
-- (separated by declaration splices) of this module. The former
......@@ -765,19 +769,35 @@ pprBinders bndrs = pprWithCommas ppr bndrs
notFound :: Name -> TcM TyThing
notFound name
= do { (_gbl,lcl) <- getEnvs
; failWithTc (vcat[ptext (sLit "GHC internal error:") <+> quotes (ppr name) <+>
= do { lcl_env <- getLclEnv
; let stage = tcl_th_ctxt lcl_env
; case stage of -- See Note [Out of scope might be a staging error]
Splice -> stageRestrictionError (quotes (ppr name))
_ -> failWithTc $
vcat[ptext (sLit "GHC internal error:") <+> quotes (ppr name) <+>
ptext (sLit "is not in scope during type checking, but it passed the renamer"),
ptext (sLit "tcl_env of environment:") <+> ppr (tcl_env lcl)]
ptext (sLit "tcl_env of environment:") <+> ppr (tcl_env lcl_env)]
-- Take case: printing the whole gbl env can
-- cause an infnite loop, in the case where we
-- are in the middle of a recursive TyCon/Class group;
-- so let's just not print it! Getting a loop here is
-- very unhelpful, because it hides one compiler bug with another
) }
wrongThingErr :: String -> TcTyThing -> Name -> TcM a
wrongThingErr expected thing name
= failWithTc (pprTcTyThingCategory thing <+> quotes (ppr name) <+>
ptext (sLit "used as a") <+> text expected)
Note [Out of scope might be a staging error]
x = 3
data T = MkT $(foo x)
This is really a staging error, because we can't run code involving 'x'.
But in fact the type checker processes types first, so 'x' won't even be
in the type envt when we look for it in $(foo x). So inside splices we
report something missing from the type env as a staging error.
See Trac #5752 and #5795.
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