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[project @ 2003-02-17 11:26:43 by simonmar]

GHC is pre-supposed in order to build GHC.  We weren't making this
nearly as explicit as it should have been.
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......@@ -1141,6 +1141,23 @@ $ cvs checkout nofib/spectral
<indexterm><primary>pre-supposed: GHC</primary></indexterm>
<indexterm><primary>GHC, pre-supposed</primary></indexterm>
<para>GHC is required to build many of the tools, including
GHC itself. If you need to port GHC to your platform
because there isn't a binary distribution of GHC available,
then see <xref linkend="sec-porting-ghc">.</para>
<para>Which version of GHC you need will depend on the
packages you intend to build. GHC itself will normally
build using one of several older versions of itself - check
the announcement or release notes for details.</para>
<indexterm><primary>pre-supposed: Perl</primary></indexterm>
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