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Set hardtop_plat to hardtop to find out what, if anything, breaks

parent 068bf75e
......@@ -1113,46 +1113,8 @@ dnl Remove common automounter nonsense
hardtop=`echo $hardtop | sed 's|^/tmp_mnt.*\(/local/.*\)$|\1|' | sed 's|^/tmp_mnt/|/|'`
dnl Find 'hardtop_plat', the native format for 'hardtop'
dnl (i.e., right kind of \dnl slashes on a Win32 box, but with b-slashes
dnl being escaped).
dnl Note OSTYPE: On Cygwin we need to use 'cygpath' to convert
dnl /cygdrive/c/foo to c:/foo but we must not do that if we
dnl aren't building using Cygwin (notably msys), because
dnl cygpath doesn't exist. It seems that 'bash' sets
dnl OSTYPE to 'cygwin' or 'msys' respectively, but cygwin's
dnl 'sh' does not. So we hackily assume that if the shell
dnl hasn't set it to 'msys' then we must be in Cygwin.
dnl Sigh.
dnl The Right Thing is probably to test $BuildPlatform
dnl instead, but we are sloppy about setting that correctly
dnl at the moment, so we just work around for now.
dnl The quotes round "$(OSTYPE)" are essential, for the
dnl Cygwin-sh case where OSTYPE is not set.
case $HostPlatform in
i386-unknown-mingw32 | i386-unknown-cygwin32)
if test "${OSTYPE}" != "msys"
# convert $hardtop to a path that mingw will understand too
hardtop=`cygpath -w ${cyghardtop} | sed -e 's@\\\\@/@g'`
hardtop_plat=`cygpath -w ${cyghardtop} | sed -e 's@\\\\@\\\\\\\\@g'`
dnl OK, so we're in the MSYS case. hardtop looks like /c/....
dnl We want to make hardtop_plat into c:/...
dnl Stop using [] for quotes temporarily, so we can use [] in the sed regexp
changequote(, )dnl
hardtop_plat=`echo ${hardtop} | sed -e 's@^/\\([a-zA-Z]\\)/@\\1:/@g'`
changequote([, ])dnl
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