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add some comments
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......@@ -27,9 +27,22 @@ import IO
import Monad
The Finder provides a thin filesystem abstraction to the rest of the
compiler. For a given module, it knows (a) which package the module
lives in, so it can make a Module from a ModuleName, and (b) where the
source, interface, and object files for a module live.
type Finder = ModuleName -> IO (Maybe (Module, ModuleLocation))
-- For a module in another package, the hs_file and obj_file
-- components of ModuleLocation are undefined.
-- The locations specified by a ModuleLocation may or may not
-- correspond to actual files yet: for example, even if the object
-- file doesn't exist, the ModuleLocation still contains the path to
-- where the object file will reside if/when it is created.
data ModuleLocation
= ModuleLocation {
hs_file :: FilePath,
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