Commit 758c508d authored by michaelw's avatar michaelw
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[project @ 2001-04-18 07:49:07 by michaelw]

readded Debian's old SGML catalog path for backward compat with Debian-2.2
parent bd69f68f
......@@ -564,7 +564,7 @@ AC_PATH_PROGS(CompressCmd,gzip compress,gzip)
dnl ** check for jade/openjade & determine a working catalog
AC_PATH_PROGS(JadeCmd,openjade jade,jade)
FPTOOLS_DOCBOOK_CATALOG(Catalog, $JadeCmd, docs/fptools-both.dsl,
/etc/sgml/catalog /usr/share/sgml/CATALOG.docbkdsl $hardtop/glafp-utils/docbook/CATALOG*)
/etc/sgml/catalog /etc/sgml.catalog /usr/share/sgml/CATALOG.docbkdsl $hardtop/glafp-utils/docbook/CATALOG*)
if test -z "$Catalog"; then
AC_MSG_RESULT([Warning: You will not be able to build the documentation.])
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