Commit 765dc1a0 authored by qrczak's avatar qrczak
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[project @ 2001-07-16 09:11:44 by qrczak]

s/extra-bin/bin/ because this is where all programs are installed to.
Perhaps it should be changed the other way around - I don't know what
this extra-bin was supposed to be.
parent be41d742
......@@ -187,7 +187,7 @@ initSysTools minusB_args
-- NB: top_dir is assumed to be in standard Unix format '/' separated
; let installed, installed_bin :: FilePath -> FilePath
installed_bin pgm = pgmPath (top_dir `slash` "extra-bin") pgm
installed_bin pgm = pgmPath (top_dir `slash` "bin") pgm
installed file = pgmPath top_dir file
inplace dir pgm = pgmPath (top_dir `slash` dir) pgm
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