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Add Bag.anyBag (analogous to List.any)

parent 04fd7141
......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ module Bag (
filterBag, partitionBag, concatBag, foldBag, foldrBag, foldlBag,
isEmptyBag, isSingletonBag, consBag, snocBag,
isEmptyBag, isSingletonBag, consBag, snocBag, anyBag,
listToBag, bagToList,
mapBagM, mapAndUnzipBagM
) where
......@@ -75,6 +75,12 @@ filterBag pred (TwoBags b1 b2) = sat1 `unionBags` sat2
sat2 = filterBag pred b2
filterBag pred (ListBag vs) = listToBag (filter pred vs)
anyBag :: (a -> Bool) -> Bag a -> Bool
anyBag p EmptyBag = False
anyBag p (UnitBag v) = p v
anyBag p (TwoBags b1 b2) = anyBag p b1 || anyBag p b2
anyBag p (ListBag xs) = any p xs
concatBag :: Bag (Bag a) -> Bag a
concatBag EmptyBag = EmptyBag
concatBag (UnitBag b) = b
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