Commit 79b4f894 authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Teach cabal-bin how to build Setup programs

We now build a copy of Cabal and put it in a bootstrapping package.conf.

We also make boot in libraries much earlier in the build process, so we
can use cabal-bin for more stuff in the future.
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......@@ -98,6 +98,7 @@ endif
stage1 : $(GCC_LIB_DEP) check-packages
$(MAKE) -C libraries boot
$(MAKE) -C utils/mkdependC boot
@case '${MFLAGS}' in *-[ik]*) x_on_err=0;; *-r*[ik]*) x_on_err=0;; *) x_on_err=1;; esac; \
for i in $(SUBDIRS_BUILD); do \
......@@ -116,7 +117,6 @@ stage1 : $(GCC_LIB_DEP) check-packages
$(MAKE) --no-print-directory -C $$i $(MFLAGS) all; \
if [ $$? -eq 0 -o $$x_on_err -eq 0 ] ; then true; else exit 1; fi; \
$(MAKE) -C libraries boot
$(MAKE) -C libraries all
# When making distributions (i.e., whether with binary-dist or using the
......@@ -158,14 +158,11 @@ DEPLOYMENT_OPTS = $(addprefix -optc, $(MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_CC_OPTS)) \
@echo $(SUBDIRS)
.PHONY: boot
boot: ifBuildable/ifBuildable cabal-bin ghc-prim/Setup
IFBUILDABLE=ifBuildable/ifBuildable $(HERE_ABS)/boot-packages
ifeq "$(ghc_ge_605)" "NO"
......@@ -174,16 +171,24 @@ endif
BOOTSTRAPPING_FLAGS = $(CABAL_GHC_FLAGS) -DCABAL_VERSION=1,3 -odir $(HERE_ABS)/bootstrapping -hidir $(HERE_ABS)/bootstrapping -i$(HERE_ABS)/Cabal -i$(HERE_ABS)/filepath
# We use -main-is so that GHC doesn't get confused and think
# Main.hi/Main.o from cabal belongs to ghc-prim/Setup, or vice-versa.
cabal-bin: cabal-bin.hs
$(GHC) $(BOOTSTRAPPING_FLAGS) --make cabal-bin -o cabal-bin -main-is Cabal
.PHONY: boot
boot: ifBuildable/ifBuildable cabal-bin $(BOOTSTRAPPING_CONF)
# ghc-prim/Setup doesn't really depend on cabal-bin, but pretending that it
# does sequentialises building the two of them, which is nice given
# they're sharing -odir and -hidir.
ghc-prim/Setup: ghc-prim/Setup.hs cabal-bin
cd ghc-prim && $(GHC) $(BOOTSTRAPPING_FLAGS) --make Setup -o Setup
cabal-bin: cabal-bin.hs
$(GHC) $(BOOTSTRAPPING_FLAGS) --make cabal-bin -o cabal-bin
echo "[]" > $@.tmp
-cd filepath && $(CABAL) clean --distpref=dist-bootstrapping
cd filepath && $(CABAL) configure --distpref=dist-bootstrapping --with-compiler=$(GHC) --package-db=$@.tmp
cd filepath && $(CABAL) build --distpref=dist-bootstrapping
cd filepath && $(CABAL) install --distpref=dist-bootstrapping --inplace
-cd Cabal && $(CABAL) clean --distpref=dist-bootstrapping
cd Cabal && $(CABAL) configure --distpref=dist-bootstrapping --with-compiler=$(GHC) --package-db=$@.tmp
cd Cabal && $(CABAL) build --distpref=dist-bootstrapping
cd Cabal && $(CABAL) install --distpref=dist-bootstrapping --inplace
mv $@.tmp $@
installPackage/installPackage: installPackage.hs
-$(RM) -rf installPackage
......@@ -349,6 +354,8 @@ distclean: clean
clean: $(foreach SUBDIR,$(SUBDIRS),clean.library.$(SUBDIR))
$(RM) -rf bootstrapping/*
$(RM) -f bootstrapping.conf bootstrapping.conf.old
$(RM) -f bootstrapping.conf.tmp bootstrapping.conf.tmp.old
$(RM) -f cabal-bin
$(RM) -rf ifBuildable
$(RM) -rf installPackage
......@@ -362,6 +369,7 @@ $(foreach SUBDIR,$(SUBDIRS),clean.library.$(SUBDIR)): \
$(RM) -f stamp/configure.library.*.$* $*/unbuildable
-cd $* && $(CABAL) clean
-cd $* && $(CABAL) clean --distpref=dist-bootstrapping
$(RM) -f $*/Setup $*/Setup.exe $*/Setup.hi $*/Setup.o
$(RM) $*/GNUmakefile $*/Makefile.local
module Cabal (main) where
module Main (main) where
import Data.Maybe
import Distribution.PackageDescription
......@@ -19,9 +19,16 @@ setupProg = "./Setup"
main :: IO ()
main = do
unprocessedArgs <- getArgs
let verbosity = verbose
case unprocessedArgs of
ghc : packageConf : args ->
doit verbosity ghc packageConf args
_ -> die "Bad args"
doit :: Verbosity -> FilePath -> FilePath -> [String] -> IO ()
doit verbosity ghc packageConf args = do
exists <- doesFileExist setupProg
args <- getArgs
if exists then rawSystemExit verbosity setupProg args
else do
gpdFile <- defaultPackageDesc verbosity
......@@ -34,5 +41,11 @@ main = do
_ | packageName pd == PackageName "Cabal" ->
-- Cabal is special...*sigh*
Simple.defaultMainArgs args
| otherwise -> die "Don't know what to do!"
| otherwise -> runSetup verbosity ghc packageConf args
runSetup :: Verbosity -> FilePath -> FilePath -> [String] -> IO ()
runSetup verbosity ghc packageConf args = do
rawSystemExit verbosity ghc ["-package-conf", packageConf,
"--make", "Setup", "-o", "Setup"]
rawSystemExit verbosity "./Setup" args
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