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[project @ 2002-10-25 15:57:03 by simonpj]

Reduce exports, and add comments
parent 4ef18ea2
......@@ -16,8 +16,9 @@ necessary.
module Linker ( HValue, initLinker, showLinkerState,
linkPackages, linkLibraries, findLinkable,
linkModules, unload, extendLinkEnv, linkExpr,
linkLibraries, linkExpr,
unload, extendLinkEnv,
) where
......@@ -630,6 +631,13 @@ linkPackages :: DynFlags -> [PackageName] -> IO ()
-- (unless of course they are already linked)
-- The dependents are linked automatically, and it doesn't matter
-- what order you specify the input packages.
-- NOTE: in fact, since each module tracks all the packages it depends on,
-- we don't really need to use the package-config dependencies.
-- However we do need the package-config stuff (to find aux libs etc),
-- and following them lets us load libraries in the right order, which
-- perhaps makes the error message a bit more localised if we get a link
-- failure. So the dependency walking code is still here.
linkPackages dflags new_pkgs
= do { pls <- readIORef v_PersistentLinkerState
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