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[project @ 2002-03-19 11:24:51 by simonmar]

Fix 64-bit shift operations.

- Move the declarations of the 64-bit "primops" from PrimOps.h to
  HsBase.h where they more properly belong.

- change the names of the 64-bit shift ops to include the "unchecked"

- add checked versions of these primops to GHC.Int and GHC.Word, and
  use them.

- update the FFI declarations in GHC.Int and GHC.Word while I'm there.
parent f2c68796
/* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
* $Id: PrimOps.h,v 1.91 2002/03/02 17:51:22 sof Exp $
* $Id: PrimOps.h,v 1.92 2002/03/19 11:24:51 simonmar Exp $
* (c) The GHC Team, 1998-2000
......@@ -149,53 +149,6 @@ EXTFUN_RTS(complementIntegerzh_fast);
/* The rest are (way!) out of line, implemented in vanilla C. */
I_ stg_gtWord64 (StgWord64, StgWord64);
I_ stg_geWord64 (StgWord64, StgWord64);
I_ stg_eqWord64 (StgWord64, StgWord64);
I_ stg_neWord64 (StgWord64, StgWord64);
I_ stg_ltWord64 (StgWord64, StgWord64);
I_ stg_leWord64 (StgWord64, StgWord64);
I_ stg_gtInt64 (StgInt64, StgInt64);
I_ stg_geInt64 (StgInt64, StgInt64);
I_ stg_eqInt64 (StgInt64, StgInt64);
I_ stg_neInt64 (StgInt64, StgInt64);
I_ stg_ltInt64 (StgInt64, StgInt64);
I_ stg_leInt64 (StgInt64, StgInt64);
LW_ stg_remWord64 (StgWord64, StgWord64);
LW_ stg_quotWord64 (StgWord64, StgWord64);
LI_ stg_remInt64 (StgInt64, StgInt64);
LI_ stg_quotInt64 (StgInt64, StgInt64);
LI_ stg_negateInt64 (StgInt64);
LI_ stg_plusInt64 (StgInt64, StgInt64);
LI_ stg_minusInt64 (StgInt64, StgInt64);
LI_ stg_timesInt64 (StgInt64, StgInt64);
LW_ stg_and64 (StgWord64, StgWord64);
LW_ stg_or64 (StgWord64, StgWord64);
LW_ stg_xor64 (StgWord64, StgWord64);
LW_ stg_not64 (StgWord64);
LW_ stg_uncheckedShiftL64 (StgWord64, StgInt);
LW_ stg_uncheckedShiftRL64 (StgWord64, StgInt);
LI_ stg_uncheckedIShiftL64 (StgInt64, StgInt);
LI_ stg_uncheckedIShiftRL64 (StgInt64, StgInt);
LI_ stg_uncheckedIShiftRA64 (StgInt64, StgInt);
LI_ stg_intToInt64 (StgInt);
I_ stg_int64ToInt (StgInt64);
LW_ stg_int64ToWord64 (StgInt64);
LW_ stg_wordToWord64 (StgWord);
W_ stg_word64ToWord (StgWord64);
LI_ stg_word64ToInt64 (StgWord64);
LI_ stg_integerToInt64 (I_ sa, StgByteArray /* Really: mp_limb_t* */ da);
LW_ stg_integerToWord64 (I_ sa, StgByteArray /* Really: mp_limb_t* */ da);
/* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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