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Improvement to typecheck higher-rank rules better

See Note [Typechecking rules] in TcRules.  
Suggested by Roman
parent 0c9282a2
......@@ -24,6 +24,22 @@ import Outputable
import FastString
Note [Typechecking rules]
We *infer* the typ of the LHS, and use that type to *check* the type of
the RHS. That means that higher-rank rules work reasonably well. Here's
an example (test simplCore/should_compile/rule2.hs) produced by Roman:
foo :: (forall m. m a -> m b) -> m a -> m b
foo f = ...
bar :: (forall m. m a -> m a) -> m a -> m a
bar f = ...
{-# RULES "foo/bar" foo = bar #-}
He wanted the rule to typecheck.
tcRules :: [LRuleDecl Name] -> TcM [LRuleDecl TcId]
tcRules decls = mapM (wrapLocM tcRule) decls
......@@ -32,15 +48,14 @@ tcRule :: RuleDecl Name -> TcM (RuleDecl TcId)
tcRule (HsRule name act vars lhs fv_lhs rhs fv_rhs)
= addErrCtxt (ruleCtxt name) $ do
traceTc (ptext (sLit "---- Rule ------") <+> ppr name)
rule_ty <- newFlexiTyVarTy openTypeKind
-- Deal with the tyvars mentioned in signatures
(ids, lhs', rhs', lhs_lie, rhs_lie) <-
(ids, lhs', rhs', lhs_lie, rhs_lie, rule_ty) <-
tcRuleBndrs vars $ \ ids -> do
-- Now LHS and RHS
(lhs', lhs_lie) <- getLIE (tcMonoExpr lhs rule_ty)
-- Now LHS and RHS; see Note [Typechecking rules]
((lhs', rule_ty), lhs_lie) <- getLIE (tcInferRho lhs)
(rhs', rhs_lie) <- getLIE (tcMonoExpr rhs rule_ty)
return (ids, lhs', rhs', lhs_lie, rhs_lie)
return (ids, lhs', rhs', lhs_lie, rhs_lie, rule_ty)
-- Check that LHS has no overloading at all
(lhs_dicts, lhs_binds) <- tcSimplifyRuleLhs lhs_lie
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