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Let GHCi work with with Sparc32+/V8+ .o files

Currently the GHCi linker looks exclusively for V7 ABI .o files.

You can generate V8+ ABI .o files using flags to gcc such as:
 -optc-mcpu=ultrasparc -opta-mcpu=ultrasparc

Note that this allows gcc to generate hardware integer division and
hardware floating point instructions rather than using software emulation.
All recent sparc hardware is V8+ or later. Perhaps we should check for the
cpu generation in configure and use the later ABI if possible.

Tested briefly on a SunBlade 100 (TI UltraSparc IIe) sparc-unknown-linux
parent f0c000ef
......@@ -2908,6 +2908,9 @@ ocVerifyImage_ELF ( ObjectCode* oc )
IF_DEBUG(linker,debugBelch( "Architecture is " ));
switch (ehdr->e_machine) {
case EM_386: IF_DEBUG(linker,debugBelch( "x86" )); break;
case EM_SPARC: IF_DEBUG(linker,debugBelch( "sparc" )); break;
#ifdef EM_IA_64
case EM_IA_64: IF_DEBUG(linker,debugBelch( "ia64" )); break;
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